Research Proposal on Safety

Safety is an extremely broad term, but on the other hand it is quite easy to answer it in simple words. Safety is the state of stability when nothing bad or dangerous threats oneв’s life and happiness. For example, there are many factors which can deprive one from safety, like physical, political, social, moral, financial, ecological, natural, psychological factors. It is obvious that these factors are very definite and it is possible to define more general categories of them. So, safety can be damaged by anthropological and natural factors.

Natural factors include all the natural phenomena which can affect human life, health and property badly. Evidently, if people are protected from the effect of bad weather, climate and natural disasters, they are considered to be in safety. The, all the factors which have appeared because of the human activity and simply human existence and social relations are called the anthropological ones and are often more dangerous for human safety. The general understanding of safety is connected with the term of security.

For example, people feel safe, when they are protected in their home and nobody is able to hurt them and damage or steal their property. Then, safety is understood like the quality of an object which can not cause problems for the human health. For example, when food is prepared without chemicals and looks natural, it is considered to be safe. Finally, safety is connected with the proper organization of life of the human society. The correct organization of the workplace, traffic, roads, systems with protect from fire, electricity, etc is considered to maintain human safety.


The problem of safety has always been important for the human society, because only in complete safety we feel convenient and can work, rest and enjoy ourselves. In order to prepare a good safety research proposal one should investigate the problem from all sides. It is useful to know much about the topic and to be able to suggest something new into its development. Every research proposal is supposed to be informative, logically-composed, persuasive and brief. The convincing side of the paper is extremely important, because the key purpose of every research proposal is to get the permission to investigate the topic deeper for the research paper.

The main problem of research proposal writing is the lack of writing experience and disability to create a persuasive paper oneself. It is useful to look through a well-analyzed free example research proposal on occupation safety and health to see how a good paper should be organized. Such assistance is valuable because every free sample research proposal on food safety is prepared according to the general standards of paper writing.


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