1.1 A weekly diet sheet that provides a balanced diet for:
For a 5 year old child
Mon Tue wed thus Fri sat sun breakfast Cornflakes, milk and water
Bread with milk Whole
Toast, milk Weetabix with milk and water Pan cakes with milk Toast bread with egg with tea Puragesnack Apples, milk shake Cripes
chocolates Slices fruit Corn flakes bar
With cripes Biscuits,
Hot chocolate Rainbow
Fruit skewers

Sweet popcorn lunch Sandwich, drink Mash potatoes and vegetables, sausages Tuna with salad and water sliced
with salad, vegetables and drink Fish with brown rice and vegetables
drink Warped with kababSliced ham and cheese sandwich with crunchy vegetable snack Yoghurt, fruity drink Smoothies
With fruit Muffins
drink boding Bread with chocolate spreading and milk Fruit
lollies Ice cream mixed with fruit dinner Benes with bread Brown rice with soup with drink Quesadillas
drink Boiled eggs with lamp
drink Baked
With meat and vegetables Rolled sliced meat, cheese cubes, crackers and crunchy veggies Pizza
With drink
A weekly diet sheet that provides a balanced diet for young people aged 16:
Mon Tus Wen Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Breakfast Weetabix,
Milk and water Pancakes
With tea
Fred Egg with brown bread Corn flakes with milk Porridge
With milk Waffles with strawberries Friuteswith
biscuits Fruits biscuits Fruit snacks Pretzels Baked crackers peanuts

Lunch Tuna sandwich
With drink Chicken sandwich,
Chips and
Vegetables with
drink Spicy avocado wraps
And salad with drink
rocket pizzas
with vegetables
with drink
Mashed Potato Veggie Strata
Noodles with drink Bread
snack milkshake cake waffle
Pakorapeanuts and raisins Sunshine bars
dinner pasta with soup as a sauce and red meat lasagne Meat with vegetables, with sweet potatoes
Brown rice
With soup
And vegetables Fish with bread and drink Pizza and drink Red meat
With mash
Potatoes and drink

Identify factors that influence food choice. Use your guidance on page 100 of your specs. Explain how these 5 factors influence food choice
Marketing and advertising :
Peer pressure: when I was a young child my parents encouraged me to have the right amount balance diet so when you grow up you grow faster and heather but it must be the right balance diet because you may become malershoied my parents escpillcaly my mum cook healthy foods for the family and encourage us to eat least unhealthy foods,
Availability and cost: My mum and dad work and we get the right amount of food every 3 mouths. Not on junk foods but the main important foods we need. My family look at the cheap and expensive foods.

Presentation: the food my family cook the presentation of the food is outstanding and colourful my family really love eating the food only if the presentation is nice and amazing if not then we don’t buy it . All my family when they go to the shop the first thing they look is the how the food is presented.
Family circumstances:
Outline a range of activities that encourage children and young people to eat healthily
Describe some activities children that encourage and young people to eat healthily:
Children: teach them healthy eating habits early so when they get older they have the right balance diet in there body.

Give them freedom of choice don’t force them to eat what they don’t want let them choice than cook it for them. And when your cooking let them cook with you and have fun with them while making the food.

Young people: Also teach them healthy eating and the benefits of having the right balance diet and till them the disadvantages of not having the right amount of balanced diet.

At home let them cook the meal and pursuede them to cook a healthy meal for the family give them variety of foods to choice from I thick they will learn to eat healthy.