a. The serpent is the instrument that looks like a snake.
b. The hurdy-gurdy is an instrument that is played by winding a crank.
c. The Rauschpfeife is a loud reed-cap instrument with a double reed.
d. The Zink has been called the most versatile of Renaissance wind instruments.
e. The Shofar was an instrument used by priests in Biblical times.
f. The Bladder Pipe uses an animal bladder
g. The Psaltery uses strings and was used in ancient times.
h. The Rebec uses a bow and originated in Asia

2. 5 instruments that I haven’t heard about before or that I want to know more about are the Bladder Pipe, Dulcian, Gamba, Gemshorn, and the Lizard.

– The Bladder Pipe is a loud instrument with an animal bladder in the reed. it looks like two pipes one serving as a drone to the other. The sound is loud and kind of like a piano. It is played by blowing into the reed and covering where the air is released with your fingers like a flute. Used before medieval times.

– The Dulcian had two holes in the same piece of wood and connected at a u-curve. It sounds like a low bassoon. it is played like a flute. Used as part of the town band.

– Gamba is like a big violin. It has a wooden base and strings. it sounds like a violin. it is played like a violin. Used around the 1600s

-Gemshorn medieval horn made from the horn of an ox. It has a sweet tone. it is played by blowing into it. its played how you would fill up a balloon. By blowing into it. it was used as the only medieval flute with a “conical bore”.

– The lizard looks like a long snake. The shape helps the player cover the holes for the fingers better. Its played by blowing into it. It was used in 1575.

3. I like how the bladder pipe sounds best. It reminds me of a piano, I find it calming. The sound has highs and lows played so beautifully.