Adequate Critiques
Manuscript quality:
• The conceptual framework is clear and logical.
• The literature review is outdated as this journal was written 18 years ago and not identify the gap in the literature.
• The research illustration did not support the purpose in a strong way.
• The use of graphs and figures supported the purpose; however, it should be as and appendix.
• Finding and conclusion needed more elaboration.
• The usage of an illustrative application for data mining on a fictitious bank.
• While the author had fifteen variables listed, he wrote in text as thirteen.
• Lack of elaboration in term of explaining CRM in the illustration and in the journal conclusion.

• The possible usefulness of this research to other industrial areas such and insurance and healthcare.
• Identify CRM in a clear way.
• Explain data mining elaborately.
• Update the literature review and identify the gaps between different sources
• Apply the data mining and CRM as a case study in one of the leading banks also other industries.

Future work
• Explain the charn modelling in detail
• Apply the data mining in non-fictitious bank.
• Explain the data mining potentials in details and how it can improve the banking industry.