Lula To Kill A Mockingbird

Why are there no hymn books at Calpurnia’s church?

During the service, Reverend Sykes called on Calpurnia’s eldest son, as the music superintendent, to lead the congregation into the singing of the first hymn.

As it was, First Purchase Methodist Church was poor and so was its congregation and it could, therefore, not afford buying hymn books..

What chapter is Lula in in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Chapter 12Chapter 12 provides a brief moment where students can see the reaction of one African-American character, Lula. Spending time looking at and understanding Lula’s anger toward Scout and Jem is critical to teaching this novel.

Why doesn’t Atticus take Jem and Scout to church?

Why doesn’t Atticus take Jem & Scout to church in Chapter 12? He thinks they are too old for it. He is away at a meeting with the State Legislature. … He is back in Maycomb and he kisses Scout.

Who does Scout recognize why do the men finally leave?

Why do the men finally leave the jail house? Scout recognized Mr. Cunningham, and she asked him to send greetings to his son.

What nasty surprise awaits at the end of Chapter 12?

12.7 What nasty surprise awaits the children at the very end of the chapter? Their Aunt Alexandra came to stay with them. The fault is more with Aunt Alexandra because she does not come often to visit Scout. Neither of then know how to talk to each other.

Who is Lulu in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Lula is a member of Calpurnia’s church who hassles her for bringing the Finch children to services. Lula and Calpurnia do not get along. This is clear by Calpurnia’s reaction to Lula when she brings the Finch children to her Negro church, First Purchase.

What does Scout think of Calpurnia’s church?

What does Scout learn when she accompanies Calpurnia to church? … Scout learns that Calpurnia has to change the way she talks to make her seem the same as them. She didn’t want them to think that she thinks she better with them. Scout also learns that the colored church is very poor and didn’t have any hymn-books.

What does Lula represent in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Lula, a young African American parishioner, makes Scout and Jem feel unwelcome and gives Calpurnia a hard time about bringing them there. … Lula represents the African Americans in Maycomb who are starting to voice their outrage about the unjust treatment their community members endure.

How did Atticus prove Tom was innocent?

Atticus then shows the jury that Tom is handicapped and his left arm is completely useless. In Atticus’s closing remarks, he proves Tom’s innocence by mentioning the lack of medical evidence, the Ewells’ conflicting testimonies, and Tom’s obvious handicap.

Where does Scout find dill?

Scout finds Dill under her bed.

What evidence proves that Tom absolutely did not hurt Mayella Ewell?

Atticus is condemning racism, effective because the jury knows tom is innocent. what evidence proves that Tom absolutely did not hurt Mayella Ewell? that mayella had bruises on her right side which means a left handed person beat her and tom has a crippled left hand.

Why does Aunt Alexandra not allow Calpurnia’s home?

Alexandra does not want Scout to visit Cal’s neighborhood because she is prejudiced regarding African Americans. Alexandra also believes Cal is a bad influence on Scout and feels the Finch family should distance itself from the African American community in the wake of the Tom Robinson trial.

Why does Dill want a baby with Scout?

However, Dill and Jem also spend time together in more boyish pursuits, leaving Scout out, which annoys her. … Bringing up a baby with Scout is just another way of seeking the happiness he so desires–by “the magic of his own inventions” in “his own twilight world.”

Why does Scout want to get Calpurnia fired?

he wants Atticus to fire Calpurnia. … You may think otherwise, but I couldn’t have got along without her all these years.” He stresses that Calpurnia is a faithful member of the family and that she has done a great job of raising Scout and Jem. Scout thinks there may be a snake under her bed.

What happened in chapter 14 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

Summary: Chapter 14 One day, Scout tries to ask Atticus what “rape” is, and the subject of the children’s trip to Calpurnia’s church comes up. … That night, Jem tells Scout not to antagonize Alexandra. Scout gets angry at being lectured and attacks Jem. Atticus breaks up the fight and sends them to bed.

What does scout say to Mr Cunningham at the jail?

Scout goes on to make small talk with Mr. Cunningham about his legal “entailment” and encourages Mr. Cunningham to “Tell (Walter Jr.) hey for me, won’t you?”

Did JEM kill Mr Ewell?

On the night of the Halloween pageant Bob follows the children home and attacks them but Boo saves Jem and Scout but fatally stabs Bob Ewell. Atticus is convinced Jem killed Bob Ewell but Heck Tate (the sheriff) points out that Jem isn’t strong enough and after Bob broke his arm he wouldn’t have been able to stab him.

Why has Aunt Alexandra decided to live with the Finch family?

Aunt Alexandra decides to come to stay with Atticus in order to provide help around the house during Tom Robinson’s trial and to instruct Scout in the ways of being a lady. She is an imposing figure, and Scout describes her as being like Mt. Everest: “She was cold and there.”

Why do Dill and Scout think Boo Radley never left?

Why do Dill and Scout think Boo Radley never left? He had no place to go. He had no money of his own. He could not read and write.

Why is Scout angry with Aunt Alexandra?

Scout is angry with her aunt for constantly nagging her about the need to wear dresses and for not allowing her to eat Christmas dinner with the grown-ups; instead she has to sit at the “little table” with Cousin Francis. It is Francis who instigates Scout’s trouble with Alexandra, blaming Scout for picking on her.

Why does Calpurnia talk differently at the Finch house than at church?

Calpurnia speaks differently in her church to because it would “aggravate” the people there if she spoke the way she does among white people – members would think she was “putting on airs”, trying to act better than them (Chapter 12).

Why is Lula upset with Calpurnia at church?

Lula is unhappy with Calpurnia because she brought the Finch children to church. Calpurnia is uncomfortable letting the Finch children go to church by themselves, because she does not think they will behave.

Does Scout marry dill?

The children concoct many plans to lure Boo Radley out of his house for a few summers until Atticus tells them to stop. In chapter 5 of the novel, Dill promises to marry Scout and they become “engaged.” One night Dill runs away from his home in Meridian, arriving in Maycomb County where he hides under Scout’s bed.

How did Jem die?

Jem’s death Scout’s older brother and companion throughout To Kill a Mockingbird dropped dead a few years before the beginning of Watchman. The event is first mentioned off-handedly by the grown Jean Louise in Chapter 1, and then explained deeper in the novel. Jem died of a sudden heart attack at age 28.

What evidence is there that mayella is lying?

During the trial, Mayella’s testimony, combined with other evidence, proves that she is lying, and more importantly, that Tom Robinson is innocent. At the trial, Mayella testifies under oath that Tom Robinson attempted to strangle her with both hands and punched her in the face.

Who does Atticus beat up mayella?

Bob EwellSince Bob Ewell was the only other person present, and since he was in a rage at what he saw through the window, it is apparent that he must have been the man who beat up Mayella.

Why does Atticus go down to the jail?

Atticus goes to the jail that night to protect Tom Robinson from potential harm. Scout, Jem, and Dill protect Atticus by following him there. Jem refuses to leave when he sees that the men are threatening his father.