Question: What Bothers Meursault Most On The Day Of The Funeral?

What did Meursault wish for on the day of his death?

Meursault finds that he is also happy with his position in society.

He does not mind being a loathed criminal.

He only wishes for companionship, “to feel less alone.” He accepts that this companionship will take the form of an angry mob on his execution day..

Is Meursault an atheist?

Meursault, like Camus, is an absurdist and an atheist. Neither of them believe in God or the afterlife. This unnerves the magistrate and the priest to no end, both of whom want Meursault to believe in something, anything.

Who died in the stranger?

In the stranger the death, appears on three occasions. First, there is death in the beginning when Mersaults mother dies, then in the middle of the book when Mersault kills the Arab and finally at the end of the book – Mersaults own death.

How does the funeral impact Meursault?

Similarly, during the funeral procession, Meursault feels no grief or sadness, but he finds the heat of the day nearly unbearable. Meursault’s narration varies in a way that reflects his attitudes toward the world around him.

What two places does Salamano check for missing dog?

What two places does Salamano check for his missing dog? He checks the pound and police station (pg 44)8.

How do Meursault and Marie spend the Saturday after the funeral?

How do Meursault and Marie spend the saturday after the funeral? They go to the beach again.

Why does the prosecutor focus on Meursault’s behavior at his mother’s funeral?

Answer Expert Verified The prosecutor is showing that Mersault did not feel badly about his mother’s death. He didn’t grieve for her which is evidenced by his napping at her funeral. He wants to show that this absence of grief is a sign of moral depravity and that is a threat to society.

Does Meursault die?

Meursault is found guilty and sentenced to death by guillotine. When asked whether he has anything to add, Meursault says no and is promptly taken away. Back in prison, Meursault refuses three times to see the chaplain.

Does Meursault regret killing the Arab?

Meursault admits to himself that he feels little regret; after all, the man whom he shot was a stranger; he was only an Arab, and, to Meursault, the prosecutor is overdoing the emphasis on Meursault’s regret.

How does Meursault feel about death?

Meursault believes that death is inevitable, which is what makes all men equal. He also does not believe in an afterlife, which leads to conflict with the chaplain. In the novel, Meursault comes to the conclusion that no matter what a human does, it has no impact on the world or his/her fate of dieing in the end.

Why does Meursault want a crowd at his execution?

In the last sentence of The Stranger, Meursault wishes for a crowd of angry spectators to appear at his execution because it will confirm him in his outsider status. The impact of the ending is meant to be shocking, to show us how it is still possible to be free even on the brink of execution.

How does Meursault feel after he eats lunch?

How does Meursault feel after he eats lunch? Meursault complains of feeling “slightly muzzy.”

Does Katz kill Joanna?

Patrick Katz (Paul Kaye) is a police officer who is responsible for killing cafe owner, Heidi Doyle (Jennifer Saunders). In the final episode Heidi’s friend detective Johanna Griffin (Siobhan Finneran) find out it was Katz who killed her.

Does Meursault feel like he has anything to say to defend himself?

Does Meursault feel like he has anything to say to defend himself? Lawyer told him not to say anything, he didn’t know what to say anyway. … No, the lawyer seemed ridiculous to him. Imagism is used on pg.

Why is Meursault a stranger?

The Stranger, by Albert Camus, is a novel about Meursault and how he is a “stranger” to society. … Meursault is a “stranger” and an absurdity to society because he does not show any emotions, he has no meaning for life, and his only certainty and guarantee is death.

Who does Meursault meet the day after the funeral?

director of the old persons’ homeEventually he falls back asleep, as do nearly all of his mother’s friends. The next morning, the day of the funeral, Meursault again meets with the director of the old persons’ home. The director asks Meursault if he wants to see his mother one last time before the coffin is sealed permanently, but Meursault declines.

What does Meursault reveal about his mother’s funeral?

The director says that he was surprised by Meursault’s “calm” during his mother’s funeral. He remembers that Meursault declined to see his mother’s body and did not cry once. One of the undertaker’s assistants reported that Meursault did not even know how old his mother was.

Who did Meursault kill?

AlgiersWeeks later, he kills an Arab man in French Algiers, who was involved in a conflict with one of Meursault’s neighbors. Meursault is tried and sentenced to death. The story is divided into two parts, presenting Meursault’s first-person narrative view before and after the murder, respectively.

What are Meursault’s last thoughts?

Meursault is the same on page one of The Stranger as he is on the last: heroic in the face of death. His only revelation is a recognition of the absurd: that most people choose death instead of life. Meursault refuses to cry over the deaths of his mother, the Arab, and himself.

Is Meursault a good person?

Meursault is neither moral nor immoral. Rather, he is amoral—he simply does not make the distinction between good and bad in his own mind.

Is Meursault an existentialist?

Meursault is the absurdist, explaining the philosophy of existentialism: Man’s isolation among an indifferent universe. There is no inherent meaning in life – its entire value lies in living itself. Meursault feels he has been happy, and longs to live.