Question: What Sentence Does The Prosecutor Ask For The Stranger?

Who is Maman in the stranger?

ShareCharacterDescriptionMamanMaman, Meursault’s mother, is dead when the story begins; she is given a funeral, at which her son Meursault acts in an unexpected and detached way.

Read MoreMagistrateThe examining magistrate questions Meursault about his religious beliefs.

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What was the first question the prosecutor asked Meursault?

First he asks Meursault’s name, age, date and place of birth, and occupation. Then it proceeds to Maman and the question of why Meursault put her in the home. Meursault says it is because he doesn’t have the money to hire private help.

What does Meursault realize at the end of the stranger?

At the end of The Stranger, Meursault realizes that death is inevitable and the universe is indifferent to humanity.

Why does Meursault think his case is pretty simple?

meursault told the magistrate he thought his case was “pretty simple” and that he didn’t see the need for an attorney. how do you suppose he views his case? mersault does not understand the severity of his crime. … he does not seem to feel guilty about his crime, or even recognize himself as a criminal.

What’s the big question the magistrate finally asks Meursault?

What’s the BIG question the magistrate finally asks Meursault? No, no conscience, he has no emotions. He does not want to be bothered with religion when he doesn’t care about it and he has limited time left on earth.

Did Meursault wanna die?

Meursault may be completely indifferent to his imminent death, but somewhat paradoxically, he does appear to be concerned with maintaining his outsider status. That would help to explain why he expresses the wish that a large mob of unruly spectators turn up to his execution and greet him with cries of hate.

How does Meursault feel after he eats lunch?

How does Meursault feel after he eats lunch? Meursault complains of feeling “slightly muzzy.”

How is Meursault killed?

Later, Meursault walks back along the beach alone, now armed with a revolver which he took from Raymond to prevent him from acting rashly. Meursault encounters the brother of Raymond’s Arab girlfriend. Disoriented and on the edge of heatstroke, Meursault shoots when the Arab flashes his knife at him.

Is Meursault a bad person?

Meursault is neither moral nor immoral. Rather, he is amoral—he simply does not make the distinction between good and bad in his own mind.

Is Meursault an existentialist?

Meursault is the absurdist, explaining the philosophy of existentialism: Man’s isolation among an indifferent universe. There is no inherent meaning in life – its entire value lies in living itself. Meursault feels he has been happy, and longs to live.

Is Meursault an atheist?

Meursault, like Camus, is an absurdist and an atheist. Neither of them believe in God or the afterlife. This unnerves the magistrate and the priest to no end, both of whom want Meursault to believe in something, anything.

What was Meursault’s sentence?

Meursault is found guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced to death by guillotine.

Did Meursault die in the stranger?

Meursault is found guilty and sentenced to death by guillotine. When asked whether he has anything to add, Meursault says no and is promptly taken away. Back in prison, Meursault refuses three times to see the chaplain.

What is the point of the stranger?

Albert Camus used his debut novel, The Stranger (1942), as a platform to explore absurdity, a concept central to his writings and at the core of his treatment of questions about the meaning of life. In his work, Camus addressed topics ranging from alienation to the inadequacy of traditional values.

What does Meursault do during the vigil for his mother?

Meursault spends the night keeping vigil over his mother’s body. The caretaker offers him a cup of coffee, and, in turn, Meursault gives the caretaker a cigarette. Perez and Meursault’s mother had become nearly inseparable before she died.

Does Meursault regret killing the Arab?

Meursault admits to himself that he feels little regret; after all, the man whom he shot was a stranger; he was only an Arab, and, to Meursault, the prosecutor is overdoing the emphasis on Meursault’s regret.

Does Meursault have autism?

It was then found that Camus had based Meursault on his close friend Galindo, and a search was therefore made for evidence of Galindo’s character; this revealed him to be an intelligent but odd person, who exhibited the characteristic impairment of social and personal behavior of Asperger’s syndrome.

How does the prosecutor attempt to prove that Meursault has no conscience?

How does the prosecutor attempt to prove that Meursault has no conscience? He explains how he shot the Arab 5 times for no reason. Everything is chance – it still happened. Innocent until proven guilty; he feels overwhelmed.

What is Marie testimony and how does it hurt Meursault case?

What is marie’s testimony and how does it hurt Meursault’s case? Marie testifies that they went to a comedy at the movies the week after Meursault’s mother’s funeral. This showed Meursault’s as having no feeling about his mother’s death..

Who does Meursault kill in the stranger?

the ArabIn Albert Camus’ book *The Stranger*, Meursault kills a character known as “the Arab” for no real reason at all. Meursault even acknowledges that he doesn’t have to kill “the Arab” > It struck me that all I had to do was to turn, walk away, and think no> more about it.

What reason does Meursault give for not really needing a lawyer?

What reason does Meursault give for not really needing a lawyer? He thought it was a simple case. What did the investigators learn about Meursault’s behavior at the funeral? That he had shown insensitivity.