Question: Who Is The Antagonist In Trash?

Who is Raphael in trash?

Raphael is a fourteen year old dumpsite boy who lives in Behala.

He is very proud of being a trash boy.

He is a very important member of his family as well as the community as a whole because he is strong and determined.

Raphael wants to accomplish things in his life and is willing to work hard to be successful..

Who is Dante Jerome in trash?

The son of political prisoner Gabriel Olondriz. Dante Jerome was a passionate advocate for the poor and he adopted 33 street children (José Angelico among them) to save them from poverty. José Angelico’s wife who died long before the events of Trash.

What does Raphael look like in trash?

Raphael is the main protagonist of Trash. He is only fourteen years old, and has been picking trash since the age of three. He is a tall, skinny boy, and lives with his aunt in Behala.

What does Gardo do in trash?

Gardo is another dumpsite boy, seven hours older and more experienced than Raphael. In addition to being best friends, Gardo also acts as a kind of slightly big brother. In addition to being bossy at times, he also acts as a sort of guardian, appropriate considering his name.

Who does Gardo live with in trash?

A 14-year-old “trash boy” who is Raphael’s best friend and who also lives on the Behala landfill. Gardo is more serious than Raphael (who’s a little more naïve) and he looks after Raphael as they work together to sort trash, seeking plastic, paper, and rags that they can sell by the kilogram for food.

What happened to Jose Angelico in trash?

A 33-year-old man who is killed by the police during an interrogation just before the start of the story. Although José Angelico dies before the novel’s action, he is central to the plot. … José Angelico devises an elaborate plan to steal Senator Zapanta’s fortune so that he can return it to the poor.

What is the name of Jose Angelico’s daughter?

Pia Dante AngelicoJose Angelico is a young man who stole six million dollars from senator Zapanta and was killed by the police when they were chasing him and asking him to confess for the crime. His daughter is a nine-year-old, brown-eyed and brown-haired girl named Pia Dante Angelico.

What is Gardo?

Acronym. Definition. GARDO. Gajaak Relief and Development Organization.

Where is behala dumpsite?

ManilaThe setting is Behala, a dumpsite that Filipinos will quickly associate with Smokey Mountain. Probably accurately, since Mulligan says at the end of the book that the setting is loosely based on a place he visited in the Philippines, where he taught English at the British International School in Manila.

How old is rat in trash?

approximately 11 years oldA dumpsite boy who’s approximately 11 years old. Rat isn’t “lucky” enough to live in the shanty town that’s built on the dumpsite because he has no family there, so he sleeps in a wet trash hole among the rat’s nests (which is how he got his nickname). Rat is a streetwise young boy who lived for a while at the city’s …

How big is Smokey Mountain Philippines?

WHAT IS SMOKEY MOUNTAIN? Smokey Mountain is a completely different world. It’s a gigantic 50-meter high mountain of garbage that consists more than 2 million tons of waste.

Who is Pascal Aguila?

Pascal Aquila is a very important person to this school. He was an amazing lawyer that faught against curruption and belonged to a poor family. … They asked Father Juilliard if they could use the school computer for homework but instade they use it to reaserch about Jose Angelico and Gabriel Olondriz.

What happened at the end of the book Trash?

Back at the prison, Gardo recites Angelico’s letter from memory to Olondriz. Olondriz explains that it’s coded and he asks a guard named Marco for his Bible. Marco agrees to pass on the Bible later. The next day, Olondriz dies peacefully in prison, and Olivia is arrested.

Why was Gabriel Olondriz in jail?

Decades ago, Gabriel Olondriz attempted to expose a corrupt politician named Senator Zapanta, but he was imprisoned instead. … Gardo, Raphael’s best friend, visits Olondriz in prison (the day before Olondriz dies) in order to deliver him Angelico’s letter.