Question: Why Is The Magistrate Irritated On Hearing About Meursault’S Reactions?

Is Meursault an atheist?

Meursault, like Camus, is an absurdist and an atheist.

Neither of them believe in God or the afterlife.

This unnerves the magistrate and the priest to no end, both of whom want Meursault to believe in something, anything..

Does Meursault die?

Meursault is found guilty and sentenced to death by guillotine. When asked whether he has anything to add, Meursault says no and is promptly taken away. Back in prison, Meursault refuses three times to see the chaplain.

Why can’t Meursault return Marie’s smile in the courtroom?

Why can’t Meursault return Marie’s smile in the courtroom? He didn’t care too anymore because he knew that he wouldn’t have a future with her anymore. He had too much to do and too much on his mind. He already knew what the response would be from the judges.

Why is the magistrate so upset when he talks to Meursault about God?

The magistrate is very upset when he talks to Meursault about God because he does not give in to the faithful ways as most of the others criminals do. … He was frustrated because he did not give in, to the usual way that the magistrate gets the truth to come out.

What is significant about the argument between the magistrate and Meursault?

The magistrate states that his own life would be meaningless if he doubted the existence of God, and concludes that Meursault has an irrevocably hardened soul.

How does Meursault feel during his lawyer’s closing arguments?

Meursault feels that his lawyer defended him during the trial as best he could. he wants to spend his last minutes on earth alone and in quiet reflection. he doesn’t believe in God, so this life is it.

Why does Meursault think his case is pretty simple?

meursault told the magistrate he thought his case was “pretty simple” and that he didn’t see the need for an attorney. how do you suppose he views his case? mersault does not understand the severity of his crime. … he does not seem to feel guilty about his crime, or even recognize himself as a criminal.

How does Meursault react when Marie asks him if he loves her?

Marie asks Meursault if he wants to marry her. Meursault replies that it makes no difference to him. When she asks Meursault if he loves her, he again replies that though it does not mean anything, he probably does not love her. Marie thinks he is peculiar, but decides that she wants to marry him nonetheless.

Why is Marie allowed only one visit to Meursault?

They are disgusted by Meursault’s lack or grief about his mother’s death and that he killed the Arab. He tries to talk about Meursault’s mother’s death. Why is Marie only allowed to visit Meursault one time? She wasn’t allowed to go back because she wasn’t Meursault’s wife.

What does Meursault think about the magistrate?

How does Meursault react to the magistrate when the magistrate starts talking about God? He feels hot, uncomfortable, and bothered by annoying flies. How does Meursault feel sitting in the magistrate’s office? Meursault tells us: “Somehow it was an idea to which I never could get reconciled.”

What did the judge call Meursault?

Céleste calls Meursault “‘a friend'” and has prepared a long-winded defense, blaming the crime on “‘bad luck'” but the judge cuts him off, explaining the court is “to judge just this sort of bad luck.” Hearing Céleste, Meursault feels for “the first time in my life I… wanted to kiss a man.”

What Meursault dying wish?

What is the impact of the ending? In the last sentence of The Stranger, Meursault wishes for a crowd of angry spectators to appear at his execution because it will confirm him in his outsider status.

What does the magistrate say is impossible?

The magistrate says that Meursault’s unbelief is impossible because “all men [believe] in God.” When the magistrate thrusts a crucifix in Meursalt’s face, it is a symbolic attempt to force him to adopt the Christian belief system.

What’s the big question the magistrate finally asks Meursault?

What’s the BIG question the magistrate finally asks Meursault? No, no conscience, he has no emotions. He does not want to be bothered with religion when he doesn’t care about it and he has limited time left on earth.

Why is Meursault emotionless?

Meursault is different from society mentally and emotionally, and society does not even see him as a living being in the ways he shows his emotionless features. … Meursault shows no emotions due to the fact that he does not have any meaning in life.

Who does Meursault kill in the stranger?

the ArabIn Albert Camus’ book *The Stranger*, Meursault kills a character known as “the Arab” for no real reason at all. Meursault even acknowledges that he doesn’t have to kill “the Arab” > It struck me that all I had to do was to turn, walk away, and think no> more about it.

Why does Meursault sleep so much?

Meursault also sleeps a lot, kind of like his non-prison days, because it helps passing (and losing all sense of) time. His days end up flowing into one another. Meursault realizes that he has grown serious…

What does the magistrate use to try to break through to Meursault feelings?

What does the magistrate use to try to break through to Meursault’s feelings of remorse? He tries to use the death of his mother. authorities will not allow her to visit Meursault anymore because she is not his wife.

Why does Meursault say not my fault?

In the first selection from Part I, Chapter 2, Meursault seems disengaged as he discusses his employer’s dislike of his having four day’s off, adding dispassionately, “it wasn’t my fault if Mother was buried….” The tone of this statement indicates Meursault’s passive acceptance of the inevitability of death, although …