Quick Answer: What Does Raphael Look Like In Trash?

What does Raphael find in trash?

Raphael finds a bag in the trash one day.

It contains a leather wallet, a map, pictures of a girl in a school uniform, and a key.

The wallet has 1,100 pesos, which Gardo and Raphael split..

How old is Raphael in trash?

14A 14-year-old “trash boy” who lives on a landfill called Behala with his auntie and cousins.

Who does Raphael live with in trash?

GardoRaphael is the main protagonist of Trash. He is only fourteen years old, and has been picking trash since the age of three. He is a tall, skinny boy, and lives with his aunt in Behala. His non-biological brother and best friend is Gardo.

What happens at the end of trash the book?

Back at the prison, Gardo recites Angelico’s letter from memory to Olondriz. Olondriz explains that it’s coded and he asks a guard named Marco for his Bible. Marco agrees to pass on the Bible later. The next day, Olondriz dies peacefully in prison, and Olivia is arrested.

Who is Grace in trash?

Grace is a maid and has been one for four years. She works for Senator Zapanta. ‘I am a maid to Senator Zapanta… I have been his maid for four years…’ (Trash by Andy Mulligan, Part.

What is Gardo?

Acronym. Definition. GARDO. Gajaak Relief and Development Organization.

What is a special in the book Trash?

That day, Raphael finds a “special,” a bag from a rich area, meaning it contains valuable trash like food and it isn’t contaminated with stupp. Raphael’s anxiety about the dangers of trash falling indicates that the children of Behala live in constant fear of being injured or killed due to their environment.

What does Gardo look like in trash?

SAME RIGHTS. Gardo Is a really dirty looking child because he lives on Behala Dumpsite, he has ripped clothes because he can’t find proper clothes to wear at the dumpsite, Gardo has a bald head and he is very skinny.

How much does Raphael offer rats to keep the bag hidden?

While the police offer ten thousand pesos to any who might have found the wallet, Raphael and Gardo keep their secret close, asking Rat to hide the wallet since he is never visited by anyone. Rat reveals that the key belongs to a storage locker at the railway station, where he lived for a while.

How old is Gardo?

14A 14-year-old “trash boy” who is Raphael’s best friend and who also lives on the Behala landfill.

Who is Dante Jerome in trash?

The son of political prisoner Gabriel Olondriz. Dante Jerome was a passionate advocate for the poor and he adopted 33 street children (José Angelico among them) to save them from poverty. José Angelico’s wife who died long before the events of Trash.

What happens in the book Trash?

A short novel with a gripping title called “Trash” tells the story of an adventure by three young boys from a third world country who lived their entire lives collecting trash. One day, they stumble upon a bag that contains a wallet and some cash inside, along with an ID of a man called Jose Angelico.