Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Vacant?

What is the definition of vacant?

1 : not occupied by an incumbent, possessor, or officer a vacant office vacant thrones.

2 : being without content or occupant a vacant seat on a bus a vacant room.

3 : free from activity or work : disengaged vacant hours.

4 : devoid of thought, reflection, or expression a vacant smile..

What is the opposite of quarantine?

Opposite of to isolate in or as if in quarantine. integrate. combine. desegregate. free.

What is the part of speech for irrational?

irrational. noun. Definition of irrational (Entry 2 of 2)

What is a vacant position?

So a ‘vacant’ position means that the position is unoccupied now. It may have been vacated or it could’ve never been occupied in the first place. A ‘vacated’ position means that there was somebody who was occupying that position and now, that place is unoccupied.

What is opposite word of vacant?

vacant. Antonyms: full, replenished, business, employed, engaged, occupied, filled, thoughtful. Synonyms: empty, leisure, unemployed, unencumbered, unoccupied, void, unfilled, mindless, exhausted.

What is the opposite of shortage?

Antonyms for shortage ample, surplus, excess, enough, abundance, sufficiency, plenty.

What’s a word for feeling empty?

16 Answers. TFD – sad or lonely, especially from being deserted or abandoned. MW – bereft, forsaken. “left quite forlorn of hope”.

What is the opposite of illegible?

Antonyms: legible, fair, clean, readable, decipherable, clear.

How do you use illegible in a sentence?

Her signature is totally illegible .His writing is almost illegible.The note was written in his usual illegible scrawl.Some of the letter was illegible.His handwriting is totally illegible.Her signature was an illegible scrawl.Her signature is almost illegible.More items…•Nov 23, 2016

What is another name for shortage?

What is another word for shortage?lackscarcitydroughtshortfallinadequatenesspinchabsencecrunchfailuredrouth80 more rows

What is another word for empty space?

What is another word for empty space?voidspacenothingnessholecavityabysshollownessgapblankvacuity47 more rows

What is the synonym of vacant?

deserted, uninhabited, unfilled, unemployed, unused, idle, bare, abandoned, available, clear, devoid, disengaged, free, stark, void, tenantless, unengaged, untenanted, abstracted, blank.

What part of speech is irresponsible?

adjectiveIRRESPONSIBLE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What happens when there is a shortage?

A shortage is a situation in which demand for a product or service exceeds the available supply. When this occurs, the market is said to be in a state of disequilibrium. Usually, this condition is temporary as the product will be replenished and the market regains equilibrium.

What is the antonyms of avoiding?

Antonyms: face up, face, confront. Synonyms: forfend, eliminate, avert, ward off, distract, keep off, bend, suspend, obviate, invalidate, fend off, stave off, block, nullify, debar, exclude, head off, forefend, annul, quash, rid of, parry, bar, turn away, deflect, void.

What is the difference between vacant and vacancy?

Vacancy refers to something being unoccupied. If a hotel has vacancies, there are rooms available. … Hotels put up a sign saying “No vacancies” when they have every room filled. It could help you remember what vacancy means if you know that a vacant lot is an empty lot.

What is a vacant stare?

A vacant look or stare, however, is one that shows no intelligence or the slightest spark of interest. One might find this vacant gaze in the eyes of a zombie or in the eyes of a teen who has spent the past five hours gaming.

What is vacant mood?

sadAnswer: vacant means sad and pensive mood means not thinking mark me as brainliest.