Quick Answer: What Is Wolf In Igbo?

What is wolf in Igbo language?

89) Buffalo = Atu.

90) Wolf = Agu Owulu.

91) Sparrow = Nza..

What is the meaning of AZA in Igbo?

originally mean safeAza is a Nigerian slang that simply means bank account – aza (originally mean safe) When a Nigerian says “Send your Aza” he/she means send your Account number.

What is hyena in Igbo?

Guinea Pig = Oke Bekee. Squirrel = Ọsa. Dog = Nkita. Hyena = Nkita Ọhia.

Is Ugo an Italian name?

“Ugo” is the Italian form of “Hugo” and “Hugh”, a widely used name of Germanic origin. For the history and etymology of the name, see Hugh (given name). It is also a Nigerian Igbo first name.

What is AGU English?

The word Agu means Lion.

What does JI masun mean in Yoruba?

Stay WokeThe song sees both artists bring an motivational interpretation to the Yoruba term “Ji Masun” which translates to “Stay Woke”.

What does Manya mean in Nigeria?

to get drunk/intoxicated on drugsManya. Definition: to get drunk/intoxicated on drugs or alchohol.

What is the English name of Ediabali?

The African civet is nocturnal and spends most part of the day sleeping. This is why it is called “edi abali”. The civet has a distinctive marking. It has a dense greyish fur covered in patches of black and white.

What is the Igbo name of Eagle?

UgochukwuUgochukwu is an Igbo name….Ugochukwu.GenderMaleOriginWord/nameIgbo/AniomaMeaningGod’s Eagle (Crown of God) Honour Bestowed Upon Me By Almighty GodRegion of origineastern Nigeria2 more rows

What is Cheetah in Igbo?

English to Igbo Meaning :: cheetah. Cheetah : aguogbu.

What does ugochi mean?

God’s Eagle, God’s Glory, God’s CrownAccording to a user from Nigeria, the name Ugochi is of Nigerian origin and means “God’s Eagle, God’s Glory, God’s Crown”. … Figurative meaning; God’s honour/glory.

What is Alika in Igbo?

7 alika ‘Lizard’ This is a name used to refer to lizards in Igbo. It is used to describe a woman who appears skinny/ slim.

What does Opoor mean?

Meanings/definitions of of the name OPOOR? OPOOR name means: O: Meaning of O in the name OPOOR means: You are very open-minded. Constancy and truth as friend or lover earns great happiness.