Quick Answer: Which Logic Family Has Highest Noise Immunity?

What is a good noise margin?

The ‘Noise margin’ value should be 6 dB and higher.

11 dB to 20 dB is a good line, no problems with synchronization; 21 dB to 28 dB is a very good line; 29 dB and above is a perfect line..

Which logic family has highest noise margin?

Also note that the noise margin in CMOS is higher than the noise margin in TTL for 5 volt logic levels. So …..

Which is faster TTL or CMOS?

TTL chips are generally faster than CMOS gates (but see ACT series), however there are two logic technologies faster than TTL-Emitter-coupled logic (ECL) and gallium arsenide (GaAs). These chips come at considerable cost in power consumption and ease of interface to other logic families.

Which has lower noise immunity?

4. Which has lower noise immunity? Explanation: TDM has lower noise immunity.

Is analog or digital better for sending large amounts of data?

Analog signals are composed of continuous waves that can have any values for frequency and amplitude. … Digital signals are a more reliable form of transmitting information because an error in the amplitude or frequency value would have to be very large in order to cause a jump to a different value.

Why are digital signals immune to noise?

Keeping the amplitude of noise that a system could be subjected to below the noise margin is simpler. This is one reason why digital circuits are preferred over analog circuits. We can use error correcting and error detecting codes in digital communication, but the same can’t be used in analog communication.

Which logic family dissipates the minimum power?

Discussion ForumQue.The digital logic family which has minimum power dissipation isb.RTLc.DTLd.CMOSAnswer:CMOS1 more row

Which of the following logic family has good noise immunity?

Which of the following logic families has the highest noise immunity?…Exercise :: Digital Computer Electronics – Section 1.A.RTLB.DTLC.TTLD.HTLE.None of the above

Which kind of circuit have more immunity to noise?

For example, if 16 bits are used to represent a varying voltage, the signal can be assigned one of more than 65,000 different values. Digital circuits are more immune to noise than analog circuits, and digital signals can be stored and duplicated without degradation (see compact disc).

What is noise immunity in logic families?

The noise immunity value gives meaning to the ability of the interface to withstand externally coupled noise without corruption of the perceived logic level. … The metal-gate 4000B CMOS logic family has a high output impedance at 5 V compared with the other families, so that its current immunity is significantly worse.

Which logic family is fastest?

Emitter-coupled logic (ECL)Emitter-coupled logic (ECL) is a BJT-based logic family which is generally considered as the fastest logic available. ECL achieves its high-speed operation by employing a relatively small voltage swing and preventing the transistors from entering the saturation region.

Which logic family consumes less power?

CMOSComparing the TTL and CMOS logic families, CMOS has more advantage over the TTL components. It consumes lesser power than the TTL and is more economical as well. The output power of the CMOS is higher and it is smaller in size as well.