Quick Answer: Who Does Meursault Meet The Day After His Mother Is Buried?

Why did Meursault put his mother in the home?

When the judge asks him to clarify his motivation for the crime, Meursault blurts out that he did it “because of the sun.” Meursault’s lawyer claims that Meursault did a noble thing by sending his mother to a home because he could not afford to care for her..

What is Meursault looking for when he finds the Arab man lying near the water?

His head swells under the sun as he walks. This heat, Meursault thinks, is better than tolerating the women’s tears back at the beach house. He wants to find shade and isolation. As Meursault approaches the spring, he sees one of the Arabs again—Raymond’s girlfriend’s brother— lying there alone on his back.

How old did Meursault say his mother was?

He could have answered fifty, and he would have heard “how terrible; so young.” Had he said that she was eighty, he would have heard, “well, she led a long life.” The age of his mother is simply of no consequence to Meursault.

How do Meursault and Marie spend the Saturday after the funeral?

How do Meursault and Marie spend the saturday after the funeral? They go to the beach again.

What bothers Meursault most on the day of the funeral?

7. What bothers Meursault most on the day of the funeral?Thomas Perez’s clothing.The priest’s attitude.The heat.The dingy church.

How does Meursault feel after he eats lunch?

How does Meursault feel after he eats lunch? Meursault complains of feeling “slightly muzzy.”

Why does Meursault kill the Arab?

In The Stranger, Meursault kills the Arab for no apparent reason, which supports the novel’s overall message that life has no order or meaning. The only reason that Meursault can give for why he murdered this man is that the sun was glaring in his eyes and making him uncomfortable just before he killed him.

What prompted Raymond to beat his girlfriend till she bled?

What prompted Raymond to beat his girlfriend “till she bled”? He only gave her enough money to live with food, rent, and occasional clothing. He found a lottery ticket in her purse & she couldn’t explain where she got it. Raymond thought she was cheating, and so beat her.

How do you know if Meursault is upset or calm about what just happened?

How do you know if Meursault is upset or calm about what just happened? He doesn’t show any emotion about it; He continues to eat lunch and doesn’t care, while Marie lost her appetite and is mortified.

What did Meursault almost tell Marie?

Meursault wakes up and realizes how exhausting the funeral has been, physically. … Note, too, that Meursault tells Marie that his mother “died yesterday.” It’s of so little importance to him that he confuses, absently, the day of her funeral with the day of her death.

Why doesn’t Meursault see his mother in the casket?

He didn’t want to see the casket because he felt like there was no reason for him to see his mother. … An open casket funeral is a Christian funeral and Meursault did not consider his mother to be religious.

What two places does Salamano check for missing dog?

What two places does Salamano check for his missing dog? He checks the pound and police station (pg 44)8.

What is Meursault relationship with his mother?

Meursault and his mother have a pretty distant relationship, as Meursault sent his mother to a home and then didn’t visit her much because it was inconvenient. While at his mother’s funeral, Meursault then didn’t express much grief in the way that society expected him to.

Who does Meursault meet the day after the funeral?

director of the old persons’ homeEventually he falls back asleep, as do nearly all of his mother’s friends. The next morning, the day of the funeral, Meursault again meets with the director of the old persons’ home. The director asks Meursault if he wants to see his mother one last time before the coffin is sealed permanently, but Meursault declines.

What did Meursault do the day after his mother’s funeral?

Because Meursault does not see his mother’s death as part of a larger structure of human existence, he can easily make a date, go to a comedy, and have sex the day after his mother’s funeral.

How does Meursault react to his mother’s death?

Meursault immediately reveals himself to be indifferent toward emotion and interaction with others. Instead of grieving at the news of his mother’s death, he is cold, detached, and indifferent. … The fact that he has no emotional reaction at all makes Meursault difficult to categorize.

What did the judge sometimes call Meursault?

15. What did the judge sometimes call Meursault? The judge sometimes called Meursault, “Monsieur Antichrist” (71).

Why is the stranger split into two parts?

Why is the stranger divided into two parts? The idea of splitting this book into two parts is very interesting. It creates a divide between the two parts of Meursault’s life we get to experience as writers. The first half is the happier (obviously) and the second is more depressing and cold and sterile.

Why does Salamano beat his dog?

Salamano would beat his dog simply because it is old, just as Raymond would beat his girlfriend simply because she is a woman. Both men harbor violent tendencies toward weaker creatures, most likely because they are addicted to the culture of death, guilt, and suffering.

What does Meursault realize at the end of the stranger?

At the end of The Stranger, Meursault realizes that death is inevitable and the universe is indifferent to humanity.

How does Meursault react when Marie asks him if he loves her?

Marie asks Meursault if he wants to marry her. Meursault replies that it makes no difference to him. When she asks Meursault if he loves her, he again replies that though it does not mean anything, he probably does not love her. Marie thinks he is peculiar, but decides that she wants to marry him nonetheless.