Shmoop The Time Machine

What happened at the end of the time machine?

The Time Traveller had finally finished work on his time machine, and it rocketed him into the future.

When the machine stops, in the year 802,701 AD, he finds himself in a paradisiacal world of small humanoid creatures called Eloi.

He explores the area, but when he returns he finds that his time machine is gone..

Why does the time Traveller decide to take Weena back into his own time?

So he again thinks about what he needs to protect himself: a safe place, a weapon, and some way to get into the Sphinx to get the Time Machine back. He also decides to take Weena back home with him to the present. (Not that that would cause any problems or anything.)

What is the setting of the time machine?

LondonOur story takes place in a suburb of London called Richmond (which, yes, is part of London now). We don’t see very much of the house in which it’s set, just that it has a dining room, smoking room, laboratory, garden, man-servant, housekeeper, and maybe a cook.

Did HG Wells build a time machine?

H. G. Wells invented the time machine—but not in the story you think. Save this story for later. … The writer H.

Where does the time Traveller think the time machine is?

Where does the Time Traveller think the machine is? He believes his machine is in the pedestal of the statue.

What is the moral of the time machine?

Fear and Kindness. Throughout The Time Machine, Wells shatters several common assumptions of human thought (for example, the belief in the inevitable progress of the species, the notion that technology will make human life better, and the insistence that people are at the center of the universe and will endure forever) …

What does the White Sphinx symbolize in the time machine?

The White Sphinx is the first thing the Time Traveller sees in the future, and it’s also the key to getting him out of the future (since that’s where the Morlocks hide his Time Machine). … In other words, the Sphinx might be there to indicate to the reader that the Time Traveller has to solve the riddle or die.

What is the framing device for the time machine?

By the time a new sapient race of crabs has emerged, humans have devolved into bouncing stomach creatures. Framing Device: The narrator is a guest at the Time Traveler’s party, who for all but the first two chapters and the final chapter is taking dictation from the Time Traveler.

Who are the main characters in the time machine?

WeenaThe Time TravellerThe NarratorMorlockEloiThe Time Machine/Characters

Who has invented time machine?

Ali RazeghiAli Razeghi, an Iranian scientist who is the managing director of Iran’s Centre for Strategic Inventions, has done something only the great Doc Brown has done: he’s created a time machine. But unlike Doc’s DeLorean, Razeghi’s “The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine” can only take you to the future.

What is the tone of the time machine?

seriousThe mood is serious, but not entirely dark or pessimistic, and is often lightened by jokes the Time Traveller makes for his own benefit as well as his listeners’. The story is enhanced with realistic detail, balancing the fantastic content of the story, with the detail of the way it is related.

What is the rising action of the time machine?

Rising Action: The Time Traveler pulls the lever of the Time Machine and goes into the future. He encounters a strange Earth without humans, and with different types of creatures called the Eloi and Morlocks. Climax: The Morlocks steal the Time Machine from the Time Traveler.

Is Time Machine already invented?

Time Travel Is Possible: Scientists Have Already Built A Time Machine, Actually. Time travel, a concept straight out of science fiction movies, is actually already happening, but not in the form of a plutonium-powered DeLorean jumping to the past and future. … In fact, a time machine has already been built.

Who is the antagonist in the time machine?

MorlocksMorlocks are a fictional species created by H. G. Wells for his 1895 novel, The Time Machine, and are the main antagonists.

How did little Weena feel about the time Traveller going down the well in the time machine?

The Time Traveller knows that he should investigate the Morlocks, but he doesn’t want to because they’re disgusting. … But then he realizes that he’s just putting off the inevitable: he needs to go down a well and see how the Morlocks live. Weena gets upset when she realizes what he’s doing, but he does it anyway.

What are the Eloi afraid of?

By the year AD 802,701, humanity has evolved into two separate species: the Eloi and the Morlocks. … Periodically, the Morlocks capture individual Eloi for food; and because this typically happens on moonless nights, the Eloi are terrified of darkness.

What is the conflict in the time machine?

One conflict that occurred in The Time Machine is the Time Traveler’s parked time machine is gone. The Morlocks stole his time machine. This is an man vs man, external conflict. Once the Time traveler took his hands off his time machine and came back, it was gone.

Is the time machine a good book?

The story is good and fast-paced, and the descriptions are engaging. The novel lacks the literary ammunition of other works of the same period, but it paved the way for a whole lot of really excellent science fiction stories and novels.