What Is The Central Message Of The Poem The Patriot?

What is the message of the poem be the best?

The poet teaches us a very important lesson of our life.

He wants to convey to us that whatever you want to be or whatever you can be ,just be the best one in that field.

The size doesn’t matter of winning and losing , what matter is the best whatever you are.

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What is the central message of the poem The Patriot does the poet end on a note of hope or despair give reason for your answer?

The poem ends on a note of hope. Though the hero in this poem feels betrayed and abandoned, he achieves a moral victory. He feels that he has not been rewarded for his services on the earth, he hopes he would be rewarded by God in heaven. So he feels safe in the bosom of God.

What is the tone of the poem patriot?

So the entire poem is an expression of the speaker’s grief and regret, making the overall tone sorrowful. But throughout the poem, the speaker also conveys his realization of the frailty and fickleness of human glory and fame. History has witnessed the rise and fall of many such ‘patriots’ throughout its course.

How was the patriot made to suffer?

(v) The patriot is punished for a certain ‘misdeed’ that he did, which made all the people turn against him. Seeing the same people who once loved him, a year ago, now hating him, and wanting him to be executed, makes him sad.

What does Myrtle symbolize in the patriot?

Myrtle: It is a symbol of purity, love, innocence and generosity. Spires: A symbol for hopeful gestures and strength. Sun: The sun stands for something which is unreachable or beyond access. Palsied: This word indicates annoyance and the sufferings of the people.

Who is the speaker of the above lines Why is his path filled with roses?

The Patriot ‘s path was filled with roses because he was welcomed by the citizens of the town. He had done something which other people couldn’t do for the town which made the citizens of the town very happy and proud of the Patriot for his deed.

How do you find the message of a poem?

How to Find the Message or Theme of a PoemExamine the Title. Often, the title can point you in the right direction when you’re trying to understand the meaning of a text. … Read Slowly and Read Aloud. … Identify the Speaker. … Determine the Subjects. … Determine the Types of Imagery and Metaphor Used. … The Poem Isn’t Just About Meaning.Apr 17, 2017

What is the message of this poem?

Meaning is the word referring comprehensively to the ideas expressed within the poem – the poem’s sense or message. When understanding poetry, we frequently use the words idea, theme, motif, and meaning.

What is the irony in the poem The Patriot?

Answer: The irony In the poem “The Patriot”….. The Patriot wasn’t been awarded by God,God would not cared of him…… But as he was betrayed and deserted By the same people who had given him a magnificent welcome……..

How is the Patriot paid by the world?

Answer. the idea is that the poet said that he is paid by the world for yearly misdeeds by stones and everyone forgot his good works but he now goes to the hand of who will give him justice.

How does the Patriot hope to be rewarded in heaven by God?

The patriot hopes that since he did not receive his reward in this world, he will be rewarded in the other world. He feels safe in the hands of God. Thus the poem also becomes an expression of Browning’s optimistic philosophy of life. “God is in His heaven and all is well with the world.”

What would have they done for the patriot?

Answer: they had welcomed the patriot by filling the path with roses and myrtle and to see him coming the house roof were filled with people .

What does the word alack signify in the poem patriot?

(i) The people loved and trusted the patriot so much that they were instantly ready to fetch the sun for him. But he loved his people so much that it was he who leaped for it and presented it to them, i.e., he did the impossible, what no man could do. The word ‘Alack’ shows a tone of regret.

Why was the Patriot welcomed as a hero?

The patriot was welcomed because he had won a grand victory. He did whatever he could do for his countrymen. And he did his best. He was welcomed like a hero.

How was the Patriot welcomed?

People standing on the roofs of their houses cheered for him as he passed by. They were overjoyed to see him. The spires of the church were covered with flaming flags that the people had put up for a celebration. People were overwhelmingly delighted to greet their hero and were enthusiastic to see him as he passed by.

On what note does the poem Patriot end?

The poem ends on an optimistic note as the Patriot believes that God truly knows who is moral or immoral, and he will do justice to the Patriot after his death.

What does the poem The Patriot describe?

In this poem, Browning talks about Politics, Patriotism, Religious faith, and the harsh reality of the leaders who are true to their sense of patriotism. … The poem is a monologue of this ‘patriot speaker’ who narrates his tale to us as he has been taken to the scaffold to be executed publicly for his ‘misdeeds’.

What would have happened if the Patriot has died in excess of joy at his tumultuous welcome after his grand victory?

Answer. The patriot thinks that if he had died in excess of joy at his tumultuous welcome after his grand victory, then God would not had cared for him, since he would had been rewarded by the people.

What tells you that the Patriot was overambitious What was the result?

What tells you that the patriot was overambitious? Answer: The line which tell us that he was overambitious is: Alack, it was I who leaped at the sun To give it my loving friends to keep! But the people had rewarded him with humiliating him for his past deeds.

What is the main idea of the poem?

Theme is the lesson about life or statement about human nature that the poem expresses. To determine theme, start by figuring out the main idea. Then keep looking around the poem for details such as the structure, sounds, word choice, and any poetic devices.

What is the meaning of Patriot?

: one who loves and supports his or her country … praised him as a … motivated patriot who was fearless in the quest to preserve American security.