Why Does The Poet Stop On Seeing The Daffodils?

What is the wealth mentioned in the poem?

The poet is referring to the joyful company of the host of golden daffodils and the beautiful waves in the lake.

The wealth which is referred to here by the poet means the wealth of joy and happiness which actually comes from happy and fond memories..

What was the impact of this experience on the poet?

A. The poet wrote some lines while he was in a happy mood. While reading them he found them so funny, that he thought that he would actually die of laughing. Even though by nature he was a sober man, the lines were so funny that he was sure that people would appreciate them.

Why does the poet compare the daffodils to the Milky Way?

The poet compares the daffodils with the stars that shine in the Milky Way because the daffodils were shining due to the sun rays just like the stars and were widely spread over the area wherever the land reached .

What are daffodils compared to?

Wordsworth compares the daffodils to the stars as they stretched in a continuous line just like the stars in a galaxy. Moreover, the daffodils were shining (as they were golden in colour) and twinkling (as they were fluttering in the breeze) as the stars.

What happens to the poet when he lies on his couch?

Answer: According to the poem, when the poet when he lies on his couch in a blank or thoughtful mood, the beautiful memory of the golden daffodils flashes in his mind. This memory brings him immense happiness and fills his heart with aesthetic pleasure. … And dances with the daffodils.

Why are the daffodils compared to the Milky Way?

The poet compares daffodils to the stars in the galaxy because they were stretched in straight line and appeared just like stars in the sky. The daffodils were golden in color, and their waving in the breeze seemed like the stars were shining and twinkling. These similarities have urged the poet to compare them.

What effect does the sight of the daffodils have on the speaker?

In the poem, these daffodils have a long-lasting effect on the speaker, firstly in the immediate impression they make and secondly in the way that the image of them comes back to the speaker’s mind later on.

What is the effect of daffodils on the poet?

The daffodils had an everlasting impact on poet’s mind. The poet’s mind receives an impression of meeting such joyful companions that he forgets his melancholy. He is mesmerized and captivated by daffodils dancing with such liveliness and happiness.

What is the main message of the poem Daffodils?

Answer: The theme of the poem is Nature’s Beauty with a mix of Happiness and Loneliness. The Author, Wordsworth is shown to be lonely, but when he thinks back to the Daffodils ‘dancing'(Nature’s beauty) he is happy and content.

What makes the poet happy?

Answer: Whenever the poet lies on his couch in a free or sad mood, the beautiful scene of daffodils seen by him earlier flashes across his mind. This happens when he is all alone. Then the memory of the beautiful scene makes the poet become happy again.

What did the poet see the daffodils?

In the poem “Daffodils” penned by William Wordsworth, he saw “daffodils when he was walking” with his “sister Dorothy around Glencoyne Bay”, Ullswater, in the Lake District on 15 April, 1802. He describes the daffodil flowers as beautiful and is amazed by its beauty.

Where does the poet see the daffodils?

The poet William Wordsworth came across the daffodils when he was walking with his sister Dorothy around Glencoyne Bay, Ullswater, in the Lake District on 15 April, 1802. And both were charmed by the beauty of the flowers along the bay.

Where and how did the Speaker remember the daffodils later in life?

Answer: whenever he becomes sad or in vacant mood or foul mood the site of the dancing daffodils beside the glowing waves of the lake water makes the poet forgot his bacon thoughts and sad mood to get a certain happiness of solitude which feels the poet’s hearts with pleasurable thoughts.

Why does the poet feel happy in the end?

answer is there!! -_- because when he is alone and sometimes unhappy then when he closes his eyes he pictures the daffodils waving their heads and dancing beautifully in the wind nearby the lake and this flash makes his get filled with happiness. hope it’s right!

What is the message of poem?

Meaning is the word referring comprehensively to the ideas expressed within the poem – the poem’s sense or message. When understanding poetry, we frequently use the words idea, theme, motif, and meaning.

What kind of poem is daffodils?

And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils. “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” (also commonly known as “Daffodils”) is a lyric poem by William Wordsworth.

Is there any relation between the poet’s loneliness and the daffodils?

The poet was ‘lonely’ when he was wandering about “o’er vales and hills”. The first line of the poem states “I wandered lonely as a cloud” which indicates that the poet is by himself. He was ‘lonely’ as he wandered about “o’er vales and hills” where he spots the daffodils.

Why does the poet become happy after seeing daffodils?

The poet Wordsworth was so much moved by the beauty of those flowers that they left an everlasting impact on his mind. That is why whenever he is in pensive or vacant mood, the daffodils “flash upon that inward eye” of the poet. … He loves to remind those daffodils and be happy with them whenever he is sad.