Running head: PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY1Personal Philosophy of NursingOdalys AnayaNUR 330 Introduction to Nursing as a Discipline and ProfessionNorthern Arizona UniversitySeptember 23, 2018
PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY2Personal Philosophy of NursingDiscussed in this manuscript is the concept of metaparadigm. This paper focuses on the four nursing paradigms which are comprised of person, environment, health, and nursing. It is criticalfor nurses to utilizethese four metaparadigms to the nursing process when caring for patients in order to tacklepatient care as a whole. MetaparadigmThe central concepts and themes of the discipline of nursing are identified and formalized as nursing’s metaparadigm (Fawcett, 1984).The four metaparadigms of nursing incorporateperson, environment, health, and nursing. Person involves not just patients, but their families, caregivers, and communities. Theenvironmentinvolvesinternal,external,andsocialfactorsthatinfluenceapatient’shealth.Health refers to the degree of wellness and health care approach that a patient has. The nursing practice notion is the instinctive, personal, and knowledgeable practices betweennurses and persons that will promote therapeutic results.PersonJarrin (2012), describes the metaparadigm term person as the patient but can also include the individual, family, group, or population. We must considerthe person’s spiritual and social wishes as well as health care needs. As a nurse, I will be exposed to a patient in need medical attention. However, I need to understand first that the patient and their families will have distinctive sets of values and beliefs.It is important for nurses to keep an open mind, setting aside any biases or judgments that are preconceivedtowards their patients. Environment
PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY3According to Bender and Feldman (2015), “Florence Nightingale expansively defined and directed nursing practice to improve physical, social, political, cultural, and economic environments as a means of improving the health of individuals” (p.98). The environment involves internal and external factors. Interactions with family, friends and other people are part of the environment, as are physical and social factors such as financial circumstances, where they live, culture, and social influences. It is vital to create a therapeutic environment for the patient in order to promote healing. When constructing this environment for the patient, a nurse should consider a patient’s individual needs such as space, smells, lighting, and noise. Another dynamic which benefits the patient’s environment includes having visitors such as friends or family to keep a patient’s spirits elevated. HealthAccording to Bender and Feldman (2015), “health, considered from a nursing rather than medical orientation, concerns patients’ health-related quality of life as well as the physical and social determinants of illness and health” (p. 98).Patients’ health is an aspectof the person’s wellbeing which in includes genetic factors and a patients’ intellectual, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Many refer to wellness as a healthy being and many believe illness as unhealthy notion. I believe that illness is an unfortunate component ofhealth. We often think of health as a person’s physical well-being and in orderto attaintophealth, that they should be curedfrom injury or disease. It should involvemuch more then assessing onlya person’s physical health. It should also involve treating their mental and spiritual health. Without healing all parts, ideal health cannot be reached.Nursing
PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY4The nursing practice concept describe the reflexive, interpersonal, knowledgeable, and relational processes between nurses and persons that promote healing outcomes (Bender &Feldman, 2015). The central reason for the existence of nursing is to expandthe quality of life through educating people and taking care of patients. I believe there is science and art in nursing. The science of nursing relates to healthcare that involves practice based and physical evidence to benefit health. The art partcomprisescaring for the bestinterests of the patientwiththe awarenessand understanding that each patient will havediverserequirements.ConclusionMy personal philosophy of nursing integratesmechanismsof the establishednursing metaparadigm.This includes the person, environment, health, and nursing. By understanding the nurse metaparadigm concepts, nurse can apply this towards their patients and endorseinterventions that are in favor for the quality of care for the patient. My current philosophy of nursing is based on my own life experiences up to this point and my values. I understand that once I begin to practice as a nurse, my philosophy could change based on my experiences with different patients.
PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY5ReferencesBender, M., & Feldman, M. S. (2015). A Practice Theory Approach to Understanding the Interdependency of Nursing Practice and the Environment.Advances in Nursing Science,38(2), 96-109. doi:10.1097/ans.0000000000000068Fawcett, J. (1984). The Metaparadigm of Nursing: Present Status and Future Refinements. Image: The Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 16(3), 84-87. doi:10.1111/j.1547-5069.1984.tb01393.xJarrín, O. F. (2012). The Integrality of Situated Caring in Nursing and the Environment.Advances in Nursing Science,35(1), 14-24. doi:10.1097/ans.0b013e3182433b89


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