Tesco currently follows the hierarchical organisational structure. This structure consists positions and it is divided into different categories. This is because the business can then run efficiently and smoothly. The person that is on the top of the pyramid, is the one that holds maximum responsibilities and power compared to the rest. A hierarchical structure is where there is a chain of commands with a lot of people involved. It is normally used for large businesses such as Tesco. It will show others the power of commands. Here is a diagram of Tesco’s organisation structure. However, staff can’t complain to the CEO straightaway. There is a chain of people. For instance, if the staff has a problem, they would need to report to the department manager. If it gets out of hand, the department manager will need to report to the manager of the store. In Tesco, they would have an owner for the store. He would the highest person for the organisation structure.